About Us

Singodsuperior is an "Indie" Artist

"Indie" nowadays is a signifier of open-mindedness and creativity. This is to say that Singodsuperior aims to push sonic boundaries via minimalist experimental hip hop aesthetic and lyrical abstractions. Because life is maximalist enough.

Singodsuperior is an Abstraction of the American Mythos

Singodsuperior uses terms derived from Usonian tales to signify different connections to the modern human condition and the embodiment of cultural myth--one of freedom and pursuits of happiness.

Singodsuperior is a Cultural Experience and Challenge

Singodsuperior is a colony of emotion. Because no one likes to share how they feel. When you ask someone "how are you?," the response tends to be  "I'm well;" but yet, we all tend to know that's not likely the case. Therefore, Singodsuperior is the "deep" and "dark" thoughts that materialize when you're alone.